Friday, 19 June 2020

FortApp - Shop, Leaks, Challenges, Items & News

FortApp - Shop, Leaks, Challenges, Items & News

Check the Fortnite Item Shop every day, watch the Upcoming/leaked items, track the progress of your challenges, search All items and Game News without getting into the game.

🛒Daily Store/Item Shop (including timer of the next store).
🔔Subscribe to items (Get notification when your favorite item is in the Item Shop).
🔜Upcoming/Leaked items.
🔎Search all items by category (skins, backpacks, pickaxes, music, and more).
📗Challenges & tracking (guides included).
📰Watch the Game News.
🎶Listen to the Music Packs (Lobby songs).
▶Search on YouTube directly
🌐Multi language support (English, French, Spanish, Spanish Latin American, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, German, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Japan, Korean).

**Internet is required**

* FortApp isn't an official Epic Games application and has no relationship with the company or partners.

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